Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the Beginning...

This blog is intended to provide a repository of information related to Apple II CP/M. There seems to be a real shortage of sites on the web that consolidate information on this topic so as I encounter sites and resources in my travels I'll post them here.

My own situation is I am a collector of Apple II hardware and software, including several CP/M boards such as the Microsoft Softcard (and clones thereof) as well as the PCPI Applicard. Of the two, the Applicard certainly seems to be the most capable as it uses a drivers based system to augment the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) which controls the hardware on the computer. Since my ambition is to get CP/M working with my CFFA (see here for info on this awesome modern hardware add-on for Apple II!) the PCPI card offers a possibility of doing so without needing to rewrite the BIOS for Apple CP/M. Softcard CP/M lacks this driver based approach so it would be somewhat more difficult to do so.

The approach I'm taking is to implement Steven Hirsch's PCPIPRO software to install CP/M partitions on a ProDOS based disk partition of my CFFA card. To date I've had problems getting the INSTALL.COM program on the PCPI disks I've gotten from the internet (from here) to successfully create a bootable CP/M disk but today Eric Neilson sent along some disk images to the Apple II CP/M list on Yahoo (see here) so I'll try writing those to physical floppies and boot them up on the IIe to try out.

My main machine is an Apple //e enhanced (65C02) with the following goodies:

1 - Grappler+ printer card (connected to a Fujitsu DL24 dot matrix printer (awesome!))
2 - Apple Super Serial Card (connected to my Acer netbook via a serial USB adapter and null modem cable)
3 - PCPI Applicard
4 - Apple Mouse Card
5 - empty
6 - Duodisk controller card
7 - CFFA (firmware v1.4 I think)
AUX - Apple 64k 80 column adapter

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